About Us

Established in 2021, Ohana has rapidly expanded its footprint within the legal and professional services focused market within the UK. Additionally, we are swiftly emerging as the premier recruitment partner to a large number of clients with a strong presence in the USA. Our hallmark is delivering a fully bespoke service, distinguishing us from our competitors. Collaborating with the most forward-thinking organisations in both the UK and USA, we are dedicated to addressing their talent gaps with precision and excellence.

By focusing exclusively on these select industries, we dedicate our efforts to a singular goal: uncovering the brightest talent and seamlessly placing them in roles that propel their career growth.

Proudly serving clients and candidates within the professional services and legal sectors across the UK and USA, we have honed our market-leading service over 20 years of industry expertise. Understanding the nuanced needs of our clients, we navigate the challenges they face in attracting and retaining top-tier talent with finesse.

At the heart of our success lies the calibre of candidates we represent. Taking a personalised approach, we meticulously grasp each candidate’s aspirations before matching them with fitting roles. Our commitment to transparent communication ensures candidates are empowered and informed throughout the recruitment journey.

Driven by our unwavering dedication, we are tirelessly cultivating an unrivalled reputation among both clients and candidates alike.